EXPERT CHEM SERV believes in “SAFETY FIRST” describes what we do best in our initiatives and culture in the Oil and Gas and Chemical working environment.

Our people is the best asset of the company and the reason behind why safety is our top priority in performing the Quality Job and Exceptional delivery of Chemical products, Equipment and Lab services

EXPERT CHEM SERV Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection (HSE) Program that every person is responsible and accountable for safety – the Top management down to the individual worker.

Through EXPERT CHEM SERV Employee Commitment, every individual pledge to practice and demonstrate the “SAFETY FIRST POLICY” – whether at work, on the road and at home.

Our comprehensive “SAFETY FIRST POLICY” awareness program on-site, safety work procedures, tailor-made safety programs to go above and beyond regulatory standards in handling and delivery of Chemical products, Equipment and Lab services which ensure our peoples’ safety on-site


  • Provide adequate procedures in mobilizing and handling Chemicals and Laboratory Equipment based on the Standard practices
  •  Environmental policy, hazard assessment, and control
  • Corporate policy, assigned responsibilities, and workplace rules
  • On-going work orientation,  induction, training, education, and communication
  •  Job-specific safe work practices and procedures
  •  Equipment operation and maintenance procedures and practices
  •  Leading and lagging indicators, audit, and reporting
  • Emergency management and response system and procedures
  • EXPERT CHEM SERV employs a team of HSE professionals to work closely with our managers and workers to support our diversified operations.

Safety Culture

  • Our Teams on-site perform a mandatory daily meeting to address current and specific HSE concerns, issues and ensure the workers can provide to sustain our safety commitment.
  • Mandatory corporate education and training includes
  • Mandatory drug and alcohol program
  • Management safety training
  • Continuous skills and mentoring program
  • ERP and First aid training

Safety in our best practices and beliefs is a sustainable, doable and continuous hunger for achievement and improvement as it is only meant to us that SAFETY benefits each and every one of us. 

EXPERT CHEM SERV, we are committed to protecting the environment, perform the best practices in health and safety for our workers, clienteles and local communities where we operate.

Safety Commitment

EXPERT CHEM SERV pride ourselves in the stronghold commitment of safety. With safety first as our top priority at all times, our workers and clienteles look up to us in performing SAFETY practices