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Expert Chem SERV

Expert Chem SERV (ECS) is an Iraqi corporate with international experiences. ECS was founded in 2014 by highly experienced professional in Oil & Gas and Power Chemicals. ECS in collaboration with Veolia is active in three main businesses; Water, Wastewater and Energy.

ECS is the official channel partner of the French giant entity Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions. Veolia is the benchmark company for ecological transformation.

The company is recognized by the Iraqi Federal Government and Kurdistan Region Government. ECS is licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and is an approved vendor (AVL) to supply Chemicals, Injection Pumps, Corrosion Control and Monitoring Systems to Oil & Gas operators in the region.

Our most conducive objective is Client satisfaction 

Our Commitment to client satisfaction and development of technological solutions in our areas of supplying high-quality specialty chemicals, various commodity chemicals, laboratory instrument, devices, and equipment satisfying almost all the chemical treatment opportunities such as:        

  • Refinery process chemicals and additives for finished products
  • Gas Treating Plant Chemicals
  • Oil Field Chemicals
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Laboratory Instruments, Equipment, and Reagents

Through a process from Laboratory tests to the field trials we are selecting a compatible chemical for each type of crude & process and therefore,  Expert Chem SERV  is trying to Deliver Results not just Chemicals.