Chemical Injection Pumps

Chemical Injection Pumps

In support of leaders in solution-driven design and manufacture of process packages, control systems, and metering pumps; ECS Chemicals designs, and market the world’s most reliable pneumatic, electric, and solar chemical injection pumps, along with standard and custom pump packages, control panels, pressure test systems, process components, and green energy solutions.


  • Chemical Injection skids at refineries, CPF & Wellheads
  • Scavengers (H2S, O2)
  • Hydrate Inhibitors (MeOH, MEG, LDHI)
  • Foamers and Defoamers
  • Corrosion, Scale, and Paraffin Inhibitors
  • Clarifiers, Biocides, Bleaches, and Acids

Capabilities of pumps

  • Flow Rates range 0.005 – 2,220 USG/H (0.02 – 8,403 L/H)
  • Pressure range 0 – 20,000 PSIG (0 – 1380 BARG)
  • High Reliability
  • Precise Metering
  • Plug & Play Packages simplifying chemical dosing programs
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Service: ECS Chemicals provides excellent product assistance and technical support to all customers