Oil & Gas Production and Process Chemicals

Expert ChemSERV is committed to the development of innovative solutions for optimising refinery and petrochemical industry production processes.

The application of the treatments identified by our specialists brings a series of advantages, among which:

  • Increased process yield
  • Extended plant running cycles
  • Energy saving
  • Cutting maintenance cost

Expert ChemSERV  offers a wide range of chemicals which suites more to the plant characteristics. Our high level of service and continuous monitoring allow progressively improving our service and assuring our customers trust and satisfaction. Expert ChemSERV provides a team of more than 35 years field and laboratory experience to design the “tailor made” treatment programs to increase the refinery performance.

Expert ChemSERV  aims to increase the refinery performance by:

  • Increasing the plant conversion
  • Extending the running cycle
  • Reducing the fouling impact
  • Improving the thermal exchange
  • Improving the quality of the products

Expert ChemSERV is able to offer to customers all the traditional products specifically studied for petrochemical and refinery processes,

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