Skid Mounted Storage and Feeding Systems

Expert ChemSERV is able to provide Skid mounted storage and feeding systems.
Below is a list of skids available in Expert ChemSERV, however, skids can be “tailor made” to meet your industry requirements. The following skids are available in Expert ChemSERV and ready for service:


  •  Feeding system for amine plant chemicals
  •  Automatic control system for chemical dosages
  •  Fuel gas skid
  •  Fuel oil injection system
  •  Firing skid
  •  Filtration Unit for MHC
  •  Slurry oil BW filtration system
  •  Slurry filtration unit for FCC plants
  •  Chemical dosing system for desalinisation unit
  •  Blow down recovery system
  •  Storage and feeding systems for chemical injection at cooling towers, boilers, waste water plants
  •  Storage and feeding system for Blue-diesel chemicals
  •  Storage system for polyelectrolyte emulsion
  •  Storage for Perchloroethylene
  •  Storage, feeding and monitoring system for H3PO4 injection

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