Drag Reducing Agents and Pumps

Flow Improver also called Drag Reducing Agent is a long chain polymer chemical that is used in crude oil and refined products pipelines.   It is injected in small amounts (parts per million) and is used to reduce the frictional pressure drop along the pipeline’s length.

The benefits of using a flow improver are the following:

Increase in pipeline throughput

Reduction of the waiting time for tanker loading/offloading

Maintaining the throughput during MOL (Main Oil Line) pump maintenance for de-rated lines

Energy Savings

Flow Improvers Chemicals allowed pipeline systems to greatly increase in traditional capacity and extend the life of existing systems.

The right product must be selected according to the different crude characteristic.

Expert ChemSERV has a well sized Product Line, effective with all the types of Crude, that can satisfy market needs:

Expert ProFlo 10.601 – 610. 

Our speciality skids and special pumps are well designed to meet the injections requirements of the high viscus DRA with viscosity varying from 500 – 2000 centipoise.

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