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Laboratory Equipments

Expert ChemSERV is the channel partner of HACH Instruments and can provide a complete cycle of laboratory equipment and reagents for the oil and gas industry.

For your requirements and quotations, please visit HACH website on and share the item name or number.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly

Procurement Management services:

Do you want to reduce the cost of managing your purchasing department and your warehouse?Untitled

Plan in the near future a peak of activity for your purchasing department and you’re stumped the id
ea of hiring new staff?

Need to organize a structure of purchases and contracts and cannot find enough skilled staff to be confident of being able to pursue this type of activity in a professional way?

Are you convinced to be able to get the best price and the best terms from your suppliers?


Are you worried because your purchasing department is buying from the same suppliers and do you want to be sure he’s buying at the best prices?
Were you able to handle the logistics during your last scheduled maintenance with efficiency?

The spare parts were purchased without error and were arrived in time?
Do you want to significantly reduce the capital cost of your critical spare parts in stock?

Would you like to buy spare parts directly from sub-suppliers significantly reducing your costs without compromising on quality?

We are aware that only those who works in a specific area has the experience to make the purchases of critical items, but at the same time we are convinced that:

  • In most organizations there are strong areas for improvement as regards the purchase of items not critical.
  • Without having a professional team with real experience is very difficult to optimize the purchase of equipment and spare parts.

ChemSERV is able to support you with speed and quality with regard to the procedures for purchasing and logistics management, making you realize significant savings in terms of:

  • Reduction the cost of supply
  • Reduction of the amount of spare parts in stock
  • Reduction of the cost of your purchasing department

Having continuously updated information on products and their sources of supply, ChemSERV is able to work as your partner in finding spare parts of equipment also installed many years ago.
And even for those components that are no longer in production, we are often able to propose alternative solutions.