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Expert Chem SERV

Expert Chem SERV (ECS Chemicals & Monitoring Systems) is an Iraqi corporate with international standards founded in 2014 based in Erbil city and an office in Kirkuk, Iraq.

ECS Chemicals is the official channel partner of SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions (previously known as GE Water & Process Technolgies – GE-WPT) and other International brands to provide high quality chemicals to the oil & gas, industrials, and food & beverage sectors in Iraq.

The company is a chemical distributor in Iraq. ECS Chemicals do not use or change the chemical in any way; we do not formulate chemicals or decant chemicals into smaller containers, we only distribute them as it was received from our vendors. We store and distribute chemicals under REACH, CPL and International regulations. The company is authorised by the both Iraqi central government and by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). Licensed by the ministry of Oil – Iraq and Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) – KRG, it is an Approved Vendor (AVL) to supply Chemicals, Laboratory devices, Monitoring systems, and other services.

Our most conducive objective is Client satisfaction 

Our Commitment to client satisfaction and development of technological solutions in our areas of supplying high-quality specialty chemicals, various commodity chemicals, laboratory instrument, devices, and equipment satisfying almost all the chemical treatment opportunities such as:        

  • Refinery Chemicals – Process Chemicals – Additives
  • Oilfield Chemicals – Corrosion inhibitors and demulsifiers
  • Gas Treating Chemicals – Amines
  • Pipeline Chemicals – Flow Assurance – Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Food and Beverage Chemicals
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Mining Chemicals
  • Geothermal Chemicals
  • Laboratory equipment & Reagents
  • Research and Development Chemicals – Analytical grade chemicals

Through a process from Laboratory tests to the field trials we are selecting a compatible chemical for each application, therefore,  Expert Chem SERV  is Delivering Results not only Chemicals.