Expert Chem SERV (ECS Chemicals & Monitoring Systems) is an Iraqi corporate with international experience. Recognised by Kurdistan Regional Government, licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resource (MNR) and an Approved Vendor List (AVL) to supply chemicals and other services in KRI. ECS is the exclusive channel partner to SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions (previously known as GE Water and Process Technologies) and HACH Instruments in Kurdistan Region of Iraq including Kirkuk. ECS is well-know for its high-quality speciality and commodity chemicals and for its after-sale services by highly qualified global and local teams satisfying almost all the treatment opportunities:

  1.  Refinery Chemicals – Process Chemicals
  2. Oilfield Chemicals – Production Chemicals
  3. Water Treatment Chemicals
  4. Gas Treating Plant Chemicals
  5. Finished Product Additives
  6. Monitoring Systems
  7. Laboratory equipment

Through a process from laboratory tests to the field trials ECS is selecting  compatible chemistry for each type of crude; therefore, Expert Chem SERV is SELLING RESULTS not just chemicals.

ECS is QMS ISO 9001:2015 and EMS ISO 14001:2015 qualified. Strict management and environment rules are followed to fulfil clients need.

Expert ChemSERV keeps itself available at your disposal for any assistant or new requirement.