Laboratory Equipments

Expert ChemSERV is the channel partner of HACH Instruments and can provide a complete cycle of laboratory equipment and reagents for the oil and gas industry.

For your requirements and quotations, please visit HACH website on and share the item name or number.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly

Official Channel Partner of GE Water & Process Technologies

Expert Chem SERV (ECS Chemicals and Monitoring System) is the only official channel partner and distributor of GE Chemicals in KRI – IRAQ.

ECS Chemicals & Monitoring Solutions is available to support Refineries, Oilfields, Power Plants and Water Treatment Plants by providing not only chemicals but solutions and technical support to your industry.

Please note that: The only authorised company to distribute GE Chemicals is ECS Chemicals & Monitoring Solution. Therefore, ECS is not responsible for the negative impact of fake GE chemicals in the local market.   However, ECS will be happy to help your industry to identify fake chemicals.

For further information and our product portfolio, Please do not hesitate to contact us